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very tired, but

The four shows I played on the East Coast sold out. It was my first time in three of the four cities, and so it was a fantastic surprise. 

I didn't get to see much of Boston - or Philadelphia - or VA, for that matter, because we were on a tight schedule. I was also sick when we left - and singing every night or so made it much worse.

Fortunately I only have another appearance tonight. I have to admit I am a bit exhausted right now.

Tomorrow we return to Los Angeles, and Monday I fly to Moscow, Russia, to perform at a private event. I get to spend one day with my mom after that, and return back to Los Angeles right away.

And then February 14th - session at Capitol Studios with string quintet! More about that later...

It appears that it's -20 celsius (which equals -4 Farenheit) in Moscow right now. I am trying not to think about that. 

I am trying not to think about many things, actually. There is so much hanging in balance right now - my record's viability - my voice (yes my throat is not feeling great) - my ability to juggle everything, persevere and remain the calm and balanced captain of the ship... It is a little daunting.

But I tell you what: I have been receiving incredible messages and emails for the past week and going. It is really apparent that the record is connecting with people out there. And not only connecting, but inspiring them to speak of it to others. It is out in the world now, and it feels like it is now almost independent of me. It is almost as if Beatrix (the main character of the record's story) were coming more alive every day.

I have received an email from someone at the hospital, who was getting through a major injury and he wrote to tell me that my record was helping him through it. From someone else, whose elderly dad was going in for surgery. And many, many more.

And I received a fan email from China, written in strange but endearing English of someone who must have learned it through Western ads and commercial films, asking me for an autograph. The address was different, too - it actually included the room #, and the gate # - I couldn't help but flash back to the recent report on some electronics factories in China, where people live six to a room... But I hope not.

I will send that autograph when I return home.

All I can say to myself, I guess, is that when you are in the midst of an adventure, it never is a safe and cozy place. You can observe an adventure from afar, or read about it in a book - or watch it on-screen - but then you are not actively in it. The adventure of this year is only beginning for me, and if the rest of 2012 lives up to the past week, I will have to be on my toes and muster up all my strength, patience, endurance and imagination.

But - of course - the sense of wonder, as well: can't forget that.

It feels to me right now as if everyone is a bit more tense than usual. People are more easily offended, discouraged, angered and generally unbalanced. Is it just me? Or is the Year of the Water Dragon kicking in?

Happy New Year, everyone! I love dragons and I love water, so even if it might be sink or swim, I will keep singing, playing, writing, persevering - and steer my ship to the best of my ability.



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A very Happy New Year to you also, dear Elizaveta! I am now listening to your, "Ordinary Life" on repeat, of which is so partially befitting, to as you just described and shared, in that it feels like "the Year of the Water Dragon" is deffinitely "Kicking in".. and there is a change brewing about in some that is truly a bit little to be desired, but you either let it go or allow it to consume you, and yet when it's at times directed at one personally a little more easier said than done, still, after a resolve it's worth while staying grounded, balanced and know that regardless of another's insecurities, it's best to "tread onward and forward".. I like the mysticism of dragons too, love the fairly new series, "Game of Throne's", of which revolves around one of the main characters that has emerged as a small yet to become powerful dragon.. the colourful one's in "Avatar" were amazing on the big screen..

You've been doing an amzing job at keeping balanced and although exhausted, you've made such a wonderful difference in so many lives already, and it's truly just begun, like the wonderful emails you've gotten from those in hospital's going for surgery and fan mail from Chine requesting your autograph, and hopefully it's not as you mentioned from a person that is within where they fit 6 to a room, and perhaps it's not, but if it is so, that person getting your autograph will feel incredible, and to that person your autograph will be what makes them smile and make it all the more bearable, what a beautiful gift you are giving to so many, with every life you touch, you continue to make an incredibly impactual positive difference.. I can't help but to think of something that has always lingered within the corners of my memory I heard years ago on a documentary that was done on John Denvers' life, and his wife had gotten a knock on her door one day, and it was a young woman that wanted to thank him personally, because one night when she was about to take her life, all of a sudden one of his songs came on the radio, and it was upon listening to him that she decided that she wanted to live, and John Denvers' wife understood at that moment that his, as she thought obsession for always wanting to perform and sing for his fan's and people in general, was the part of him that made him who he was, and he made a significant difference..

Sometimes, there is nothing more powerful and impactual than that of a song, an extraordinary voice, a lyrical musical medicine that heals souls and mends unforeseen scar's, and you, dear Elizavita, as you've begun to read, are helping so many..

Still, it's greatly important to take good care of yourself so that you don't burn out, I used to have to use my voice exccessively at one time, and along with tea, I also kept "honey lemon mint" lozenges near by at all times, or what ever works best for you to keep your beautiful voice up to par, and keep from getting a soar throat with herbal tea, keeping hydrated and eat enough protein to keep you physically can do it!

Thank you for taking us all along on your wonderful journey.

PS.. revisiting the cities of, "Boston", Philly" and "VA" will welcome you with open arms, along with the anticipation of listening to you perform live again..

I hope you have a wonderful visit with your mom..

I've heard dreamer and it's amazing! I would like to have an autograph of yours. :3 that would be cool! I love all your music (I've had difficult time searching for free downloads because i can't download itunes, although some of your songs aren't free like armies of your heart, gladly there's amazon.:D) I'm waiting for your CD (i know that here in the philippines, it would be ages before i get one so i have to stick with online sales.), I'm excited to be honest! I wish you'd make it to the top. You're one of the best I've heard so far. I'm listening to your music before i sleep. >.< I love the victorian aura of yours. It's very unique. So please please please, JUST an autograph of yours would make my day great! :3

by the way I'm danielle. :) and my friends call me Ellie. :D

God bless elly!

Name: Ma. Katreena Danielle E. Que
Address: #18 B.S. Angeles St. Brgy. Sta. Lucia, San Juan, Manila, 1500, Philippines.

thank you so much for reading my simple message. take care! much love from your biggest fan. <3 <3 <3

Your music is ethereal, sensuous, provocative, magical and oh so enjoyable! The most stimulating original music I've heard in decades!
If GaGa is a Lady, you can surely be a Queen.
Take care of yourself please. You have created a space in our hearts and minds that can never be filled by anyone else. We need for you to have a very, very long career. The only way to a great and long career is to remain strong in body and mind. Make time for yourself to heal and grow. Take care of yourself. You deserve that at least! I can't stop listening to your album I bought on iTunes. That will keep me until you (in your own time) make another. Until then, thank you.

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