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the countdown to Beatrix Runs begins.



We are shooting some special material for you... yes, yes. I am very excited. I have alternately frozen to death, gotten wet, sweated out of my mind, frozen again... but I think it was worth it.

'Beatrix Runs' will be out in a little more than three weeks! How time flies.

I also have three weeks of relative downtime to really work on some things I want to be in place for live shows to come. I have plenty to record, too.

Furthermore, here is a bit of information, as well: 'Beatrix Runs' - my upcoming record - has a story behind it.

It will be unveiled, chapter by chapter, over the course of this year.

It is a story of adventure - in more ways you could possibly imagine.

I really enjoyed writing it. It will become available in various formats - as a traditional narrative, but also as a variation of a graphic novel, and interactive online content, too.

There are clues to the story and its characters on the packaging of the album, which will include a poster.

And now back to work...







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