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here it is - i found it!

a fan recorded the segment of Chris Douridas' radio show this past Sunday, featuring Odi et Amo from my upcoming record. Hooray! here it is. Thanks, Chris, for the kind words!:) And I'll have to tell the story of the BBQ in the next blog entry, because it's quite long and a good way.



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Great song... heard it on KCRW and had to look it up. Can't wait to hear more!

Not only did he play it on July 7th - which I missed - but, he also played it this morning just after 9:00 a.m. Found myself searching the Morning Becomes Eclectic playlist to find that marvelous song I had heard... You've got a new fan! When's the album coming out?

so good.I like the range of voice and expression.

I love this song and keep listening to it over and over! But every time I hear Chris Douridas talk about the bbq it makes me so eager to hear your long convoluted story :) Are you still going to post that??

Oh yes. I forgot! Will write this week:)

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