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London's weather is as changeable as a teenage girl's mood. It is charming, but I can surely understand that it can be confusing! Just now there was sunshine outside my window and minutes later it looks like a snowstorm has dropped in.

I am getting ready for my little show tonight - it is such a pleasure to play a real baby grand - and drinking nice coffee. And here is a poem that I came across recently that I wrote a while back.. It seems appropriate, and although it is not raining outside, it is cold and gray all of a sudden. It brings back memories. This, London, the gray sky and the wind, questing. Sweaters and hot drinks. Los Angeles in the distance.


December Child


Words escape me.
It's only the night 
and the frost in the air.
Morning soon; but for now
We'll paint the air 
with our breath and laughter.
This winter chill 
tastes like cinnamon candy;
it burns my throat
through a borrowed scarf
but the sweetness lingers.
Lights glitter in the trees
and cigarette smoke twirls
like a reminder
of another night long ago
in a foreign city
and a soft-spoken stranger
by my side 
at the witching hour.
I have given all this time
to the land of sunshine
only to find myself craving the cold.
This is an end of a cycle
and a little death
but a new life is in the making.
I am afraid, but fear is for the living
and so is pain of loss;
as long as I am breathing
I will choose to run free,
searching and questing,
wearing my heart on my tattered sleeve,
taking chances.
Because I hope that somewhere
a fireplace has been lit for me
and so I follow the trail of bread crumbs
down a winding, twisty path
towards another's heart
and a new beginning,
half-wishing I was stronger and better;
half-knowing there is no destination.

I am a child of winter
tonight I feel it in my bones
and the crunch of ice under my feet
is an exclamation point to a story
I started writing a long time ago.
I am used to the ache of departures
and I am friends with empty spaces.
And just like then,
I am at the crossroads again.
Except now I am older
and a little kinder.
The page turns
and now it's snowing.





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