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elephants, singers, lack of sleep

I went to a pretty incredible party last night, which was the Perez Hilton birthday party and held at Paramount Studios. It was complete with ambiance, coffee Patron tequila and other interesting-looking alcoholic liquids, circus-themed (people on stilts), and cool performers. It was an eclectic array: Leona Lewis, Eve (who is awesome, I think), followed by a special performance by Liza Minelli.

All I have to say is that Liza completely stole the show - and she is 80, I believe - and made me realize - once again - what a truly great performer really is. It didn't matter that her voice wasn't the firepower it would have been at a younger age. It didn't matter that it was just her and a pianist. It didn't matter that she was probably - well, actually, most certainly - the oldest person at that party. She ruled. You didn't want to take your eyes off her on stage. There was a confidence and power to her, mixed with vulnerability and utter charm. And she was sexy!

I want to be like that when I grow up.

The night rolled on and then Katy Perry showed up on an elephant and wished Perez a happy birthday.

Apparently Lindsey Lohan came to the party, too. I don't quite understand why, considering he has not been exactly very chummy in regards to her in his blogs/press, to say the least. Was it a way to show she didn't care? Or she did? Or that she is above all that? Or what?

Well, I didn't really care that much anyway. But I wondered. I think she needs some real, geniune friends. I hope she has them.

I decked myself out, complete with a burgundy-red feather head-dress designed by Melissa Washington and I'll post a couple of photos shortly.

There were some good friends at this party, and my manager was there, too. I was reminded yet again how blessed I have really been in the past year to surround myself with amazing people, both personally and professionally. Because the truth is both do go hand in hand, mostly. Los Angeles can be such a cold - figuratively - and empty place; so easy to get lost without people who care about you and those you care about yourself. You could say that applies to any place. Yes, I suppose so, but there is something about Los Angeles, and its glitzy nature that makes it more extreme. When my mom came to visit a couple of years ago, she said the whole place reminded her of a film set. It is true in other ways, too. There are bright lights and camera flashes on the surface, sunshine, ocean, desert heat, perpetually blue sky, people with perfect bodies and supernaturally white teeth. And then there's the dark undercurrent of Los Angeles. I call it the Dark Angelside. It's old and merciless. It's Santa Ana winds, and a certain silence along Mulholland Drive that gives you goosebumps. It's the L.A. of film noir.

Last night at the party, in some ways it was very much like a lot of these Los Angeles events: people milling about and always looking, looking.. who is that? Who is this with him/her? Ah, the celebrities are here. There is an aspect to a lot of Los Angeles gatherings that is not about making geniune connections: it's about who is who and yourself first.

But if you have a friend there, or standing in a little oasis of your friends and acquaintances, it can be an amazing game. That is also Los Angeles. If you have those people and you know who you are, on the inside, the magic of L.A. bends to your will. And the game can be so fun.

I am still reeling a little bit from my experience earlier in the week, recording some vocals - operatic and otherwise - on one of Seal's new songs, from his upcoming record. I don't get easily intimidated, but both he and David Foster are legends. I grew up listening to Seal's voice. It was an epic experience.


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