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'Messenger' is out now!

My new album 'Messenger' has been released!


Elizaveta Album Cover1

Flower couture2

(photo featuring styling by Flower Couture and dress by i102fly)

Yes, I am the voice of the Tavern Bard Maryden Halewell in 'Dragon Age - Inquisition'.


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I am an indie artist - I write, produce and record my music on my own label Flower Army Records. Please remember that and purchase some of my music legally so I can continue making more of it - for you.

Love, Elly



Live Performance in Tokyo!

Elizaveta 3-12 Shibuya Live Engl


Hey! Happy New Year!

2016 took off at a run. There are a lot of changes and developments happening, one of which is me closing this blog down as separate site and transitioning it to be part of, as it should have been for a while.

You must be asking: what happened, Elly? Did you go to Japan? Did you have a birthday? Did you have a good Christmas? 

Well, kind of yes to all of those and more. I have also moved. At the moment I am strictly nomadic, without a permanent address. Right now I am in Los Angeles. Prior to this it was Spain and Moscow. This Wednesday I am flying to Shanghai, where I will perform my song Odi et Amo in Chinese! After that I'll be briefly back stateside, but then going to Tokyo for all of February!

I am learning Japanese and it's been wonderful, plus I am still putting finishing touches on my Japanese language album, which will be released in May. So I'm off to Tokyo to take a language course, as well as explore it more, as I loved it the last time around. My love affair with Japan is in full bloom.

I have been writing and recording, don't worry! There is not only one, but TWO new Pegboard Nerds collaborations coming up this spring. I wrote and recorded two brand new duets. Two of my songs are about to be featured in movies out next month.

I am also joining Patreon, so if you are reading this blog, keep an eye out for that special link. The Patreon membership will allow me to provide new music and other content monthly, as I move around the globe and record in different languages.

I also performed at TED Global 2015 in December, which took place in Geneva, Switzerland. It was a wonderful experience. You can read a small write-up on it HERE.

We also shot a music video for the Japanese version of 'Hero', in collaboration with incredible floral artist Flower Couture (photo above is from my performance in Tokyo for Autodesk gallery opening, where she styled me). I can't wait to share all of that with you!

There is a lot more, but I have to go back to working and nursing my cold. I know I promised many times I'd be better about blogging and I guess I lied. I can just imagine my father reading this and shaking his head at his daughter's inconsistent behavior.

But hey! 2015 was a strange year and 2016 feels like the waves just got bigger. But I also feel like I am a much better surfer, so there. I am feeling creative and adventurous and this blog will not die, it will just resume a new life where it was always supposed to be - at my official site!

Stay tuned for the waves, my friends. And be assured that my absence here was not from hiding in a proverbial cave somewhere, it was just from being so ridiculously busy that I now know I need to organize myself 3,000 better. This spring is partially about that. I feel like I am about to take things to the next phase in more ways than one. Are you with me? I hope so:)



Tonight I cried a lot.

And tomorrow I'll be flying to Japan.

Elizaveta Japan flyer Engl


New Life, here I come

Sometimes new beginnings hide themselves in endings and vice versa.

I am going through something big, and I can feel it in my heart, my stomach, my toes, as well as my fingertips.

It's true that wherever you go, there you are. But sometimes you can leap and leave yourself behind for a split second.

I am not even sure what I mean here.

But I will be performing a concert in a couple of weeks. And I will sing the new me. After that I'll be going to Japan.



Dragon Age world, hello again!

I sang on another batch of songs for Dragon Age, this time for a release called Dragon Age - Trespasser.

Here is one of these songs, it's completely acoustic and full of all sorts of details about the world itself.




So as some of you know, I am a little bit obsessed with two things: flowers. And space.

That's besides Japan, music and coffee. And flan.

So, at some point in the recent weeks, we pored over some NASA footage and thought it would be perfect for my song 'Space Pirate's Love Song'.

Also, I just got word that this video was screened for the NASA team who are involved in the Juno Mission. How cool is that?? 

Incidentally, this song has now been recorded in Japanese and is part of my Japanese language EP, to be released soon.

This is best watched in a dark room, full-screen.

I would probably make a poor astronaut, but when I was small, I wrote stories - in Russian - about space travel. There were always black or worm holes involved because I simply didn't have enough patience to make sure the hero took his/her time getting from place to place. A timely jump through time and space was always necessary, otherwise speed of light is such a drag, don't you think?

Our world is beautiful. If only we were all more aware of it.

Come sail the space with me...





My song Hero's version by Pegboard Nerds is being used for a very cool promo - it's a reboot of an older TV show about superheroes, who are regular kids - well, sometimes. It's called 'Heroes Reborn'. This clip is so fun, it energizes me and makes me feel like I could be a superhero, too. Hmm. Food for thought.




I have met so many incredible, creative and talented people over the past couple of years.

One of these is Christina Yee, who I had the honor of meeting last year at a very special curated event called Hatch.

Christina is a filmmaker, a passionate, warm and lovely human being. I fell in love with the short animated film she screened at the event. The film was 'Miss Todd', and it had won a slew of awards, including a student Academy Award.

The movie was inspired by a real person - specifically, Lilian Todd - the first woman who designed an airplane.

As I was about to release my new album 'Messenger', I was struck by how one of the songs on the record resonated with the film's subject matter - and I approached Christina with an idea to take the footage of the film and make a music video. We agreed that the melancholy, but uplifting nature of the song would give new meaning to the film's story. 

The video was edited by Camille Penalver.

To find out more about the makers of the film, watch the full length version, as well as read about the painstaking process of making it, check out this site:




Trap (music video)

Here is a new music video, shot and directed by my art director and partner in crime Missy Washingon,  aka i102fly.

It also features a good friend, an amazing guitar maker and artisan James Trussart, looking and acting mysterious. 

See if you can recognize a few of the symbols in this video and what they mean. This is arguably the darkest song/video of mine to date. In the next entry I'll disclose what this song means to me (hint: it's not about love - or at least, not about romantic love).


This song was also featured in a major Russian motion picture 'Ghost'. We will post a video with footage from the film, as well, sometime soon. 

The song was co-written with my lovely collaborator Jonathan Paulsen.


My new album is out

I won't lie, last few weeks have been tough.

I have been dealing with family matters as well as some pretty wrenching self doubt.

But the show must go on, and this is an album I am proud to set free into the big world out there.

There are a few videos to follow, as soon as a few days from now.

And for now, the album has been released on iTunes:

I hope I can keep going and do some great things - but I also hope the music may just speak for itself.

I am in Moscow, spending some time with my mother - and onwards to London in a week's time, with three more shows left - London, L.A. and San Francisco.





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'Beatrix Runs' & 'Hero EP' out worldwide.

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